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I am delighted to announce the rules for the 2014 Turning Competition.  I would like to draw particular attention to the Fiona Woolf competition, and would encourage everyone to submit at least one piece.  For the rules of all competition classes and the application form, please click here.

The competition is being held in Apothecaries Hall, Blackfriars Lane, London, EC4V 6EJ, on 28th and 29th October 2014.  I wish you all the best of luck!

David Batchelor, Court Assistant, Chairman of the Howe


Turning Competition 2014 Announcement

Photograph - a selection of work from the Ray Key Junior Competition 2012

To celebrate the election of Honorary Liveryman Turner, Alderman Fiona Woolf, as Lord Mayor of London, the Open Competition will be held in her honour.  The theme is 'The Square Mile's energy to transform lives', and reflects Fiona's belief that the City of London has the energy and talent for innovation to meet the momentous challenges that face society.    There will be a special prize for the best entry by a school child in this category. 

To read further details of the Fiona Woolf competition, please click here.

For details of all classes of competition, please click here.

The competition is being held in Apothecaries Hall, Blackfriars Lane, London, EC4V 6EJ, on 28th and 29th October 2014.


A Cool Crafter?  Eleanor Lakelin hits the Sunday Times Supplement 2 Feb

Photograph - Chestnut Burr-Bowl

Said the Times 'Craft has thrown off its worth hobbyist image to emerge as the latest luxury' with a celebration of 'the best artisans and designers in the British Isles' - and featured Eleanor Lakelin, one of our first Turners Cockpit Arts Award Winners (2011).

Click here to read the full article

Click here to visit Eleanor's website


Welcome to the Lord Mayor

How wonderful that Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE accepted our invitation to become an Honorary Liveryman in time for a Turner to be Lord Mayor of London in 2013 - 2014.  In support of our Lord Mayor the Company mounted a float in the Lord Mayor's Show - not just any old float but the longest and heaviest in the biggest parade in modern times.  Upper Warden, John Bridgeman CBE has made a report for us on this wonderful occasion which you can read later in this issue.

Click here to see the full newsletter.


Mystery of the Moor - 4000 years of woodturning

Stuart King with One Show presenter Mike Dilger

Liveryman Stuart King takes the use of the lathe and woodturning back to the early Bronze Age, 4000 years ago, in a fascinating programme airing on BBC2, Sunday 9th March at 8.30pm.  Click here to find out more.

Further information about Stuart and his work can be found on his website.


Linked below is the Annual Report to Livery Company Clerks on the progress of the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme over the last twelve months, covering Alderman Sir Roger Gifford’s mayoralty.  The Lord Mayor appointed thirteen new Mansion House Scholars, bringing the total membership list up to one hundred and twenty, drawn from fifty countries. He was able also to meet some of our past scholars in the countries which he visited during his year in office, all of whom remain valued ambassadors for the City. Sir Roger has expressed strongly the benefits of the Scheme, not only in supporting his own role as an ambassador for UK Financial Services but also for the City of London as a whole. The Lord Mayor and the Trustees of the Scholarship Scheme are most grateful for the generous and continuing support given by so many Livery Companies, without which the Scheme would founder.

Annual Report to the Livery for 2013 


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